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Dover Lane Music Festival is an annual celebration to promote and recognize classical music. Read on to know more about it.

Dover Lane Music Festival

Venue: Nazrul Mancha Auditorium in South Avenue, Kolkata
Time: December - January
Duration: Six days
Highlights: Performances by maestros in the field of music

The Dover Lane Music Festival is many decades old and brings together an extravaganza of musical performances by several renowned and upcoming artists. This conference continues for an entire week in the month of January showcasing some of the best musical talent in the country. The music festival is set amongst the bustling and vibrant city of joy, Kolkata. Each year the city is seen hosting this prestigious event to promote and recognize classical music. It is an important cultural program not only for musicians but also for the public who are passionate about music. A musical night in the city stages some of the well known maestros in the country that leaves every visitor enchanted. Every year the city sees thousands of music lovers flocking to Nazarul Mancha the venue that holds this event in Kolkata. The crowd has people from all walks of life and different age groups from the younger to the older generation, sharing a common interest.

According to the history of the Dover Lane Music Festival, it was started in the year 1952. It all began when a group of musicians with a common interest for classical music met up to share their view points and led to the formation of a musical festival. In the initial years, the festival was a small event with fewer numbers of artisans that attracted only the local population. The festival used to take place on Dover Lane when it first started but due to the increasing number of people who visited this event, the venue was shifted to Nazrul Mancha.

Types of Music
The Dover Lane Music Festival is usually held for five long days in Kolkata. Each day, the festival exhibits different classical music show that entices its audience. The event does not only hold live performances of by renowned musicians but also debuts new artists to showcase there outstanding talents. This is done with a view to display new talent, to promote and encourage them. The show begins late in the evening and continues till the early hours of the following day. If you are a music enthusiast and enjoy different forms of traditional music then you should visit Kolkata in the month of January to experience this musical recital.

Spread of Festival
This event is one of the most popular musical shows held in Kolkata. Although it began as a small event that was conducted in the by-lanes of the city, today it is major show in Kolkata. The festival is conducted by the organizers who can be reached at their office on Dover Lane. The organizers have done a commendable job in popularizing this show. The event is well known not only among the local people but also by famous artists. Each year the crowds only increase with also a number of sponsors wanting to be a part of this event and the tickets are sold out even before they are announced to the general public.

Other Attractions
Being an important city during the colonial rule in India, the city has many places to explore for tourists. You can look forward to visiting museums, memorials, palaces, fort, library's and a few gardens that continue to remain as a reminder of the dominating existence of the British Raj. Fort William, Victoria Memorial, Marble Palace, Writer's Building, Botanical Garden, St Paul's cathedral, Howrah Bridge etc are some of the best places to visit while you are in the city of joy. So if you plan on visiting the city to witness the musical festival then don't waste away your day being indoors as there is so much to explore on a warm sunny day in Kolkata.

How to Reach
By Air: Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport connects the city to all the rest of the cities in India and major cities of abroad

By Rail: The Howrah and Sealdah stations have well-linked rail network that makes Kolkata accessible from even the remotest of areas.

By Road: Since it is one of the four metropolitan cities of India, Kolkata is very well linked with other major cities of the country through road. There are regular buss services, both private and government owned.