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Despite being a western instrument, Violin is played in almost all domains of music throughout the world. Know more about the Violin through this article.


The violin was first a part of the western classical music before it became essential to traditional classical music in India. This small four string instrument is much smaller when compared to viola and the cello which are shaped in the same fashion but are much larger and heavier than the violin. Although the violin is considered to be a western instrument, it has a dominating impact on Indian music. The position and tuning of the music device is believed to be much different from the European style. The violin is one of the most versatile instruments and can be played in different genres of music. Some of them are Indian classical, jazz, folk, Arabic and the Baroque form of music. In India classical music, violin has a religious theme attached to it, unlike in the western countries. Classical violin music is usually a solo performance but music directors like Ilaiyaraaja often use violin as a background score in many of his movies. Take a look at the article to know more on violin.

History of Violin
Violin traces back its origins to the Turkic, Kazakh and Mongolian horsemen who played the "morin khuur" and "Kobyz" instruments that were similar to the violin. It is been believed that through the trade routes, a group of nomadic spread their musical components to the Middle East, China and India. Soon they developed into different forms and came to be known as a new instrument found in their respective regions. In India, it was named as "esraj", in the Middle East it was referred to as "rebab" and the Chinese called it "erhu". But it was not until the 16th century in Italy that the violin emerge in its present form. In the following years, the fiddle took a dramatic change with respect to its physical components and was inspired by the Middle East, before it came to be known as a bowed-stringed musical device. By the 18th century, the fiddle witnessed further changes with regard to its shape and size in order to support a good grip of the instrument.

History tells us that there were different variants of the fiddle that evolved from across the globe before it emerged in its present state. However, today modern violins can be classified under three different categories such size, genres and period. Violins come in different sizes that are suitable for young violinist as well as professional adults. Fiddles in the size of 1/10 are ideal for children aged between three and five, while violins in 4/4 can be used by both children aged nine and adults. Before you invest your money on a fiddle make sure to consult a luthier as violins come in seven different sizes and are generally chosen depending on the length of your arm. Apart from this, there are acoustic and electric violins which are different with respect to its components used in its construction. For example the strings used in an electric violin are usually made from nylon, steel or synthetic. Violins that are classified under the basis of period are of three kinds such as baroque, classical and modern violins.

Violin is a popular instrument around the globe and there are innumerable musical festivals that are held each year dedicated to the instrument. From classical to folk style of music, a large variety can be witnessed under a single roof. The fiddle is more popular in the west as compared to India. The BBC National Orchestra of Wale and the Red Violin Music Festival in the UK showcase some of the best violinist across Europe. Although violin is not commonly played in India there are many shows that are held to promote and encourage its youth to take up the violin and retain classical Indian music. The Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival is the best place to witness some great piece of music created by eminent violinist.

Famous Violin Players
L. Subramaniam, L. Shankar, T. N. Krishnan, Evaristo Felice Dall'Abaco, Matthew Dubourg , Johnny Frigo etc are some of best violinist that have made a lasting impact with their contributions in different styles of music.